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Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui?
The Mindful placement of what you have around you.
The Art & Science of mindfully placing objects around you for enhancing the quality of life.
What is the Bagua? The Feng Shui Map.  Ba means 8. Gua means area. Each Gua corresponds to a life situation and has a corresponding color, body part and person of the household associated with it.  
Additionally each gua has commonly associated diseases or illnesses associated with it.

What Does Feng Shui Offer?
Peace, Harmony, Balance, and Abundance.
Feng Shui assesses the life areas above and offers suggestions to improve those areas in your life through the use of de-cluttering, moving things around and adding cures.
How Does Feng Shui Work?
By changing the energy flow in your home, office & car.
Example: If you put a laundry basket in your bedroom doorway and constantly have to step over it, chances are you will get irritated with it being in your way.. So, you move it and now you can walk into your bedroom easily and peacefully.. That seems obvious right, and alot of the furniture placement is obvious and intuitive but we also make some common mistakes.

Common Mistake:  Desk Placement.  A lot of desks are make to sit facing the wall so we sit with a wall right in front of our faces and our backs exposed.
Feng Shui Cure: Sit with your back to the wall, so your back is protected and you can see who is coming into and out of your space.
Space in front of your face leads to more creativity and increased productivity.
How Do I know if I need a Feng Shui Consultant?
If there is an area you want to see improvement or change in..
Why Is Removing Clutter So Important?
Clutter is the stuff that holds us back from moving forward in life.
Clutter weights us down, mentally & physically
Moving clutter around wastes a lot of mental and physical energy
- It is like the Refrigerator running in the background, constantly using energy and draining us...

What are the 5 Elements? Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water
The 5 elements are metaphors for different ways energy moves and affects us.

How Does a Feng Shui Consulation Work?  How Do I prepare for a consultation?  Body Integration offers consulatations in 2 formats: over the phone or in person. The preparation is the same for both.Start with a worksheet that asks questions about each of the 9 areas.
Sketch out floor plans have ready when I arrive if its a in person consult.

Phone Consults: email 4 pictures 3 days before the consult.
1. Floor plans sketched, scanned  
2. Picture Master Bedroom
3. Picture Office Workspace area
4 & 5: Two pictures of rooms of your choice

What Happens Once we are on the Phone or you Arrive if in person?
First we will go over the worksheet to make sure Goals are clear.
Then look at the layout of the house, floor plans.
Next look at furniture arrangement in master bedroom, office area, & others areas of the house that you want to see changes in. We will talk about clutter and organization, give tips and help where needed. We will talk about the 5 elements and energy flow in the home / office.
Finally a discussion about electricity and cords.

How Does Follow Up Work?  What does it cost?
One, 30 minute follow up phone call, 30 days after consultation is included in the pricing.

What is a Feng Shui Cure?
Something to help energy flow in a more harmonious manner
Top 9 Cures:
1. Color
2. Sound: Wind Chimes, Bells
3. Living Things: Plants, Fish, Flowers
4. Light: Mirrors, Crystal Balls
5. Moving Objects: Mobiles, Fountains
6. Symbols: Artwork, Bamboo Flutes
7. Weighted Objects: Stones, Statues, Rock Gardens
8. Electric Power: TV, Radio, Computers
9. Other: Bagua, Rituals, Red Tape & Space Clearing

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