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‚ÄčFVSM Frequently Asked Questions?                                                      When can I start?  

     Start in September and graduate in May OR

     Start in February and graduate in August

What are the class options?  

September Day Class: Thursday all day.  9:00am-9:55pm

     * Additionally 1-2 weekends per month

February Day Class: Tuesday all day. 9:00am - 9:55pm 

    * Additionally 1-2 weekends per month

Do I have to take any classes online?  Or is this program in person?

At FVSM we feel strongly about providing the BEST in Person education for our students.  You will not need to complete science classes online.  Anatomy & Physiology is at the heart of massage and we will offer that class in person - for the Best Education in Massage 


What is the Tuition?  $6500.  Please compare as our tuition is the most affordable

          Please download our catalog for current tuition information on the home page

Where Can I work?

           Learn what you need to work in a health care setting, work at a spa or open your own practice.  

Do I have to write a long essay for my application?  

      No - just a paragragh or two

Do I need to have professional references?  

      We ask that you have a friend or two but if possible at least one co-worker

Do you take Federal Financial Aid / FAFSA?  We elect NOT to take Federal Financial Aid to save students money.  Here is why... .It costs you more.  Interest accumulates on those loans and we want you to graduate as debt free as possible. That is why we offer the interest free payment plan and do not charge extra for making payments. 

Please consider tuition costs and consider debt to income ratio when choosing a school.  

We are here to help!

Please let us know how we can help you become a Massage Therapist.

Tom Finch & Stephanie Lynn Hall


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