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Transcript Request-Alumni

Transcript Request form for FVSM Alumni OR State Licensing Form #2962

* If you are a FVSM alumni and need transcripts follow the information below.

* If you need WI State form #2962 for the state of WI signed follow the directions:

Transcripts click the link below.  Complete the form with payment and mail to FVSM

Note:  If applying to Flordia or Tennesee there are additional fees of $35 

Form #2962 for the State of WI to obtain Massage Therapy License

1. Print off the form, complete it with all of the information and hours from

your transcripts. Complete the entire form including your graduation date.

2. Mail the form to FVSM with an additional envelope stamped and

addressed to the state - the address is on form #2962.

3. Once it is received, it will be completed & mailed.

4. If you do not have current transcripts to complete your hours, you will

need to request transcripts from below.  

FVSM Mailing Address           

P.O. Box 615               

Neenah, WI 54957-0615   

Please note: Processing will take 2 - 3 weeks from the date received.

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