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Hooptastic Hoops to Buy and Training

Handmade Hooptastic Hula-Hoops  $35/hoop.  
What makes HooptasticTM  Different from other hoop companies & classes?  
Education, knowledge and experience in fitness and wellness.  A Lifetime dedicated to studying and learning how the body moves and functions, Stephanie Lynn Hall, completes many Continuing Education Courses each year in Movement, Pilates, Yoga and Massage Therapy.  This gives her a leading edge on how to teach proper body movements while Hooping and Still Laughing and having a Great time.

Everyone Can Hoop With Hooptastic HoopsTM

Hooptastic HoopsTM will not kink, distort their shape, or come apart with normal use.
They are sized and constructed for successful hooping and are not slippery.  
They are not weighted, but do weigh more than plastic hoops due to the materials used for construction.  
HooptasticTM does not believe in "weighted" hoops, say 3, 5 or 7 pounds.
There is NO scientific research that suggests weighted hoops are better. They are dangerous and cause injury to the body. 
HooptasticTM we want to increase shoulder stability & build strength in a safe environment. In fact, if you want a better workout, want to burn MORE calories, grab a lighter hoop, they require more effort and therefore keep your heart rate up and increase the number of calories burned.Give it a try, wear a heart rate monitor and you will be amazed at the results with

Class Descriptions:
Introduction Class: 4 week class.  Learn the fundamentals of hooping and proper body mechanics to hoop with ease.
Walking around and flowing in the direction the hoop is spinning as well as flowing in the opposite direction the hoop in spinning. Walking 
and lunging with the hoop on your waist and overhead.

Hand dipping both directions.  Begin learning how to hoop on the upper arms.  Learn warrior in both directions.  Passing with squatting and under leg passing horizontally. Angle hooping. Learning to stall the hoop on the body and hands.

Advanced Classes: Learning to explore the space around you as you hoop. Moving the body to change the feel of the hoop.  Chest, shoulder and neck hooping.  Hoop tosses and behind the back passes.  Vertical leg passes.  Reversals and breaks. Lasos.  Begin to hoop 
around the upper legs and above the knees.  Hoop while kneeling. Side step throughs.

Refunds not available for classes or trainings

Hooptastic Hoop-Fit Teacher TrainingTM
Weekend Trainings Available - Call for Information     

MISSION: To integrate instruction based on sound education of Movement Principles & Pilates; thereby, making the world a Healthier place filled with Laughter & Smiles. Incorporating Color, Music & Movement into the daily lives of all people.

Weekend Certification Training $475 

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