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Pilates & Yoga Private & Group Sessions

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Pilates & Yoga with Stephanie Lynn Hall & Tom Finch
Stephanie Lynn has been teaching Pilates with a full studio (reformers, cadillac/trapeze table, chairs, spine corrector, ladder barrel since 2002)

Tom and Stephanie Lynn completed their Yoga Teacher Training at the Expanding Light Center in 2001.  They are both trained in Ananda Yoga and have taken several classes in continuing education. 

Pilates and Yoga engage the mind and breath for focus and control while the body executes each movement.
These styles of working the body focuses on developing strong abdominal, back and gluteal muscles (the “powerhouse” or “core”).  In addition to building core strength, Pilates & Yoga work the whole body to increase flexibility & strength evenly.
Pilates & Yoga develop a balance between the large and small muscle groups of the body to enhance the efficiency of the body when moving.
The Pilates body is graceful and toned. It is flexible, strong and characterized by beautiful posture even when not actively doing Pilates.
Benefits of Pilates:

*Increased body awareness 
* Increased strength and tone in abdominal muscles and pelvic floor
* Increased strength and flexibility for the whole body
* Improved posture and better alignment
* Decreased amount of stress to joints as the muscles gain balance
* Muscular balance for the entire body
* The ability to focus on specific areas of the body
* A valuable cross-training tool to enhance performance for all athletes

Are Pilates & Yoga for Me?
Yes. The Pilates Method can be modified for all fitness levels and a beginner participant will 
gradually build the strength, flexibility, coordination and balance required to add additional 
exercises with each session.

Yes.  The Yoga that we teach is modified individually for each member in the class with options for each of the yoga poses / asanas. 

What Should I Wear?
Come to class in comfortable, form-fitting clothing and be prepared to remove your shoes for all 
Pilates & Yoga are best practiced in bare feet and it's important for your trainer to be able to see your body lines in order to provide you with the very best instruction possible.

Personal Training
Workout with a combination of Theraband, Foam Roller, Bosu and Weights to you to be able to  complete the activities you want. Fitness is individual for every body

Massage Therapy
Relaxation, Swedish, Lymph and Polarity all available.  

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